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The organizing team MTB THASSOS and the Hotels AERIA & AEOLIS organizing in 22-23 April 2017, the 2nd Theagenios asphalt Ultra Running 100km. & 50km. The 100km race will be around the island among the main asphalt road of Thassos. The races have a purpose through the physical and spiritual probation of participants, honor the ancient athlete and twice Olympic winner Theagenes of Thasos. The Young Thassian was crowned Olympic winner in 480 BC (75th Olympics) in boxing and in 476 BC (76th Olympics) in pankration. He was winner also three times in the Pythian Games, nine in Nemea and ten in Isthmia, sometimes in boxing, sometimes in pankration. Apart from the strength sports the Theagenes won at least once the DolĪ¹chos running race 3.600 m., in honor of Achilles. Total has reportedly around 1400 wins.

The races will be a criterion for participation in Spartathlon.

The Organizing Committee


Registrations will start in 1 of November 2016 until 31 of January 2017. During this period final registration of athlete considered the whole payment of the participation, the rest are subscriptions until the payment of the corresponding. By the end of January 31, 2017 all outstanding subscriptions considered void unless the organization decides differently.
The payments of the money for the participation are made by banking transfer in BANK PEIREOS to the bank number GR29 0171 0620 0060 6212 7779 616 with beneficiaries REIZI IOANNI and NIKOLAO KITRINO. Participations. ON THE DEPOSIT THE NAME OF THE DEPOSITOR AND THE NAME OF THE RACE HE/SHE WILL TAKE PART MUST BE DEFINITELY INDICATED.
THE COPY OF THE DEPOSIT MUST BE GIVEN TO THE REGISTRATION AREA. The applications of participation for all races will be formed electronical through the form of participation that will be given to the site of the organization

There are more details and more analytic description of the route,as well as the number of the supplies points in the site of the race  and also on facebook site:

For more pieces of information you contact here: REIZIS YANNIS 6946955704 & 6970015966 KITRINOS NIKOS and also in the e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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