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Tour of Thassos race takes place every year and it covers almost all over the main ring road of the island, total distance of 92 kms. The start is at Potos with a direction to Limenaria. The first 67 kms of the race is in a mode of pre-start, and the free race mode is given by the judge at Sk.Potamias village. At the village of Limenas, there will be a few minute stop for water and general needs. Positive heights of the race are about 1500m. The finish of the race is the same as the start point, at Potos. Race starts at 12:00 noon on Saturday. Disqualification time is set at 6 hours from the start of the race. Everyone over the age of 18 can participate. Teenagers with their parents permission (parent signature on paper) can participate as well.

Road Race "Tour of Thassos"

Tour of Thassos