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Welcome to the ecotourism heaven of Thassos. An ideal place for nature activities. Thassos is said to be the most green island, a small nursery in the middle of the Aegean sea. Nature, is dominating with its two faces; Northeast there are sharp ravines, while southwest there are overgrown green areas which end to shallow coasts.

One of the main goals of this website, is to make Thassos known to the bicycle community, and to create an alternative way of tourism which will have a purpose to indicate Thassos’s natural beauty. Another major goal, is the awareness of ecological consciousness combined with the promotion of ecotourism and the relation between nature and human. Thus, we created a bicycle race in 2005.

From our side, having as an ally, our experience after many races, we try every year to achive, a proper organization, which will let all of our athletes-visitors happy. The big response of you, in our efford so far, gives us the push we need to keep on going, and to try and make our organization better and better. Furthermore, we can offer excellent hospitality in special prices all over the year, to everyone who wants to discover Thassos’s secret beauties, at the facilities we have;
Pension Ageri, Velo Studios, Studios Lotos.

You can also rent quality bikes at Mtb bikes.

Giannis Reizis, Nikos Kitrinos


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Ultra Running Ysarion Race



YPSARION MARATHON 2014 - Results 2014

MTB THASSOS CUP - Results 2014


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Nikos : +30 6970 015 966
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